To win, teams must have a feeling of unity.

“Initially, we didn’t know what to expect but very quickly the Forté system became our regular team builder. It allowed us to come together as a group more, get to know each other better, develop as a high performing team and gain insights into individual development. We were able to work and deliver as a team more efficiently than ever before.”


Transform your Team


Just as each member of your team is unique, so too is their communication style and strengths.

Our system allows you to understand each person’s unique style of communication. You then use this knowledge to transform your team’s interpersonal relationships to achieve trust, synergy and performance. 

Each member of your team takes five minutes to complete their Communication Style report and discover their personal strengths. From this, we create your Team Pulse, which demonstrates how high performing your team is.

With this data, clear indicators are apparent and you know what areas to focus on to improve alignment and resiliency.  

We focus on allowing your team members to understand how they fit, are adapting to their environment and how to work successfully with their teammates.

Team alignment, synergy and appreciating the differences around the table is our goal!

If you are on one of our plans, your dedicated Communication Coach becomes like an extended member of the team. Throughout the process, they work in confidence with you based on the results and organizational goals toward next steps and strategy.

Transforming your team also means understanding your culture and with our system, culture can be assessed and steered in a goal-orientated direction allowing productivity that aligns to business strategy, crucial to overall performance.  

More information on Forté and how to create an open culture can be found on our Culture page. 

Individuals who act collaboratively stick at their task 64% longer than their solitary peers, whilst also reporting higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels and a higher success rate. This impact persists for several weeks when implemented by management. Stanford study on working together.

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