Sharing what makes you tick helps build and maintain relationships.


“Initially, we didn’t know what to expect but very quickly the Forté system became our regular team builder. It allowed us to come together as a group more, get to know each other better, develop as a high performing team and gain insights into individual development. We were able to work and deliver as a team more efficiently than ever before.”



The Forté Communication Interaction Report

This report helps settle interpersonal misunderstandings, once and for all and is the third step towards effective team communication.

It is powerful, concise and immediately actionable.  Updateable every 30‐days. This five‐page report shares with both individuals “who” they are, how they are currently adapting to one another and if there is going to be any misunderstandings, what they will be and how to handle them in a proactive manner.

Used to build and maintain team relationships by sharing communication strengths, adapting style and motivators, individuals learn how they best work together.

Nearly 80 percent of executives rated employee experience very important (42 percent) or important (38 percent), but only 22 percent reported that their companies were excellent at building a differentiated employee experience. Deloitte  2017 Global Human Capital Trends

How it works:

The Interation Report works to support the Communication Style Report.

Your team members first complete this step and understand their primary communication style and strengths, their adaption of the workplace environment and how likely their communication style is being perceived by others in the workplace. 

By combining each person’s communication style report into an interaction report, an understanding is developed of how they will work together. This is very powerful for all sectors, allowing management to create the “dream team” or if the team is already developed, create unity with deep understanding.

The report details each person’s communication style and outlines how they can best work together. It highlights potential areas of misunderstanding and how the team can overcome them.  

The objective of the report is to help the development of a positive, trusting relationship.  

 This detailed report outlines:

Primary strengths

Adapting style



Strength Interaction

Potential for conflict 

If you are availing of one of our plans, your Communication Coach will guide and work with you toward specific goal-orientated strategies, ensuring your team are at the forefront of communication excellence and are delivering optimal results. 

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