Forté Team Pulse Report

A powerful and insightful team coaching report that helps leaders accelerate team performance through better communication and interdependencies.

How It Works

The Forté Team Pulse Report coaches individuals in group alignment and in appreciating the differences around the table.

The report outlines how the team has done for a previously established 30-day period, then comments on areas that could be improved upon by fostering the adaptive capacity of team members.

Report Benefits

  • Keep in touch with team needs and effectiveness
  • Identify behaviors of exceptional team members
  • Clarify goals for adaptation and progress
  • Frequently update results to account for new members and recurring dynamics

Who It Helps

Team leaders, project managers, and team coaches can use the Forté Team Pulse Report to pinpoint strengths and behaviors that are conducive to group success.

Access a preview of this report to see exactly what you stand to gain with Forté.

“The team builder report has been particularly valuable for understanding the culture of an organization and the impact of that culture on communication.

I was working with a small group in a large organization that provides real estate services. Even though the primary profiles varied among the group, the adapting profiles across the team showed that the group felt the need to be highly dominant and impatient in their dealings with their customers. For many, this created stress as they worked against their primary profiles. This realization helped the team understand why they felt discomfort and prompted discussion to create more effective ways to deal with customer pressures.” − Vincent C Racioppo

President, Center for Expert Performance, Inc.

Inside the Report

The Forté Team Pulse Report provides a comprehensive view of past successes and behaviors to encourage in the team’s professional environment.

Adapting to Team

A current adapting profile analysis describes how you presently adapt to your environment based on your primary strengths.

Most Likely Coming Across

Current perceiver profiles inform the individual how he or she is most likely projecting personality traits to others.

Team Pattern

Combined individual strengths provide a composite look into the primary skills of the group as a whole.


Comparisons of each team member’s individual strengths are represented by graphics that illustrate the intensity of his or her skills as they relate to others’.

Team Indices

Graphs compare team strengths in the categories of current logic style, current stamina level, current goals index, and team resiliency.

Get More from Your Forté

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