Forté Performance Coaching Report

Use individual adapting patterns and successes to establish an improved coaching system within the organization.

How It Works

Based on performance and feedback from top performers (or coaches) in the organization, the Forté Performance Coaching Report uses a refined evidence-based methodology to create a comprehensive coaching plan for team improvement.

Each individual’s adapting patterns can be compared to the set coach’s to take note of strengths that are being optimized and those that can be further developed and used for the individual’s progress. Using the process outlined in the report, the team coach can then establish a plan for each individual.

Report Benefits

  • Easily administrate and understand reports
  • Focused and measurable efforts and results
  • Improve organization-wide communication and interpersonal skills
  • Results-focused training system
  • Continual adaptation and improvement
  • Amplify business performance and output

Who It Helps

As a training tool, the Forté Performance Coaching Report provides standard assessment points and coaching plans to bring all individual members of the team up to speed with company expectations.

It also provides a baseline for team leaders and managers to assess overall interaction and knowledgeability amongst the staff, and compare individuals’ progress to that of the standard presented in the assessment.

Access a preview of this report to see exactly what you stand to gain with Forté.

“We knew exactly who our top-performing salespersons were, simply based on the individual sales volume, but what we didn’t know was the ‘why’.”

We learned that it wasn’t so much “who” the person was, rather how they were adapting to our customers. So, we completed Forté’s on the top 20% of our salespersons, used Forté Performance Coaching Reports to coach the best ways to adapt in the sale. We saw a 12% increase in sales and an increase in retention. We are now looking at how to use this tool for other teams within our organization.”

VP of Sales, National Building Materials Corporation

Inside the Report

Utilize peer coaching abilities and strengths in the Forté Performance Coaching Report to improve your team’s performance on the individual level.

Coach Preparation

A coaching preparation review and checklist provides top performers with instructional guidelines.

Coaching Plan

A coaching plan outlines key points and important aspects of each individual’s adaptation needs.

Coachee Forté Primary Communication Style Profile

The Forté Primary Communication Style Profile alerts coaches and managers to each team member’s strengths

Coaching Strategy System

In conjunction with the coaching plan, the strategy system helps coaches moving forward in individual training.

Style Recommendations

As many as four coaching style recommendations are provided for detailed and measurable plans and results.

Adapting and Perceiver Trends

Coachee progress can be measured as training progresses with adapting and perceiver trends.

Logic, Stamina and Goal Trends

Trend statistics such as logic, stamina and goals that are also provided in other Forté reports help encourage continual growth.

Forté Interaction Reports

Forté Interaction Reports measure team progress and productivity.

Adapting Style Reports

For timely and accurate measures of individual patterns in relation to the team’s, Forté Adapting Style Reports provide continual data.

Get More from Your Forté

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During your session, one of our communication coaches will walk you through the main points of the report and show you how to apply the results to daily activities in your schedule.

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