Forté Interaction Report

Build and maintain team relationships by pairing up compatible communication styles and learning how they best work together.

How It Works

As the third in the strength-based communication improvement process, the Forté Interaction Report builds upon the results and commentary from the Forté suite’s other reports, then combines the individual talents on your team to highlight which strengths supplement each other.

In doing so, each member learns new ways to efficiently meet goals and use the components of the Forté Communication Style Profile to his or her advantage. Teams in the workplace can increase their productivity by communicating in pairs or groups in conjunction with the analyses of the reports.

Report Benefits

  • Appreciate others’ strengths
  • Improve synergy in working relationships to maximize performance
  • Proactive action in the workplace
  • Foster and maintain team relationships

Who It Helps

By encouraging team cooperation and collaboration, the Forté Interaction Report is beneficial to every member of your workplace team in understanding strengths that he or she may not possess.

When individuals can grasp the benefits of these other talents and skills, they can appreciate how to work together to finish tasks in a timely and effective manner. Managers or project leaders benefit by having assistance in grouping team members together for the best possible outcomes.

Access a preview of this report to see exactly what you stand to gain with Forté.

“I have yet to find a communications tool as fast and effective as Forté and specifically Forté Interaction Reports”

“In over 20 years as an executive coach and consultant, I have yet to find a communications tool as fast and effective as Forté and specifically Forté Interaction Reports, in creating almost instantaneous understanding and sustaining long-term trust between colleagues and team members.” − Rob Berkley


Inside the Report

Using the Forté Interaction Report, individuals and teams alike can learn more about working as a group to set and meet collective goals.


A comparison between primary preferences of communication introduces new methods of team interaction.


A comparison between current adapting styles gives a group starting point.


Coaching all members on how best to communicate with one another ensures that each individual’s ideas are accepted, understood and implemented.


A summary of common areas of potential misunderstanding alerts all team members of possible roadblocks in future projects.

Trusting Relationships

Specific direction in maintaining a positive and trusting relationship is provided as the foundation to combining team strengths.

Get More from Your Forté

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During your session, one of our communication coaches will walk you through the main points of the report and show you how to apply the results to daily activities in your schedule.

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