Forté i360 Report

Develop exceptional personal and interpersonal skills through constructive feedback.

How It Works

The Forté i360 Report is a latter part of the personal strength-based process of improved communication and complements prior reports and analyses.

It’s a process by which a person can review performance feedback from those that are referred to as raters; these include anyone from peers and team leaders, to external customers and direct reports. The report is set as a default outline of eight competency points, but can also be modified to fit individual and company needs.

Report Benefits

  • Personalize credible performance feedback
  • Focus on individual strengths
  • Encourage positivity
  • Integrate manager performance improvement

Who It Helps

Because the Forté i360 Report focuses on the individual’s qualitative and quantitative feedback, it assists team leaders as well as the participant with general improvement based on the focused competencies.

In addition to the focused individual, managers and team leaders can also use the feedback to concentrate on their leadership styles and coaching their teams to customer standards.

Access a preview of this report to see exactly what you stand to gain with Forté.

“The Forté i360 helped our managers and employees focus on key leadership strengths and provided a roadmap to help them manage their weaknesses.

The detailed report was insightful and was the catalyst for positive behavior change. The Forté support team was second-to-none and I was highly impressed with their response time. I would highly recommend the i360 to any organization looking to get a return on its investment in human capital.”

− Michael O'Hora

Human Resources and Learning Executive, Iron Mountain

Inside the Report

With the Forté i360 Report, each member of the team can progress on a personal level and optimize his or her performance in the workplace.

Competency Profile Radar Charts

Competency Profile Radar Charts illustrate where an individual rates his or herself in comparison to others to spot gaps in perception.

Development Skills

A comprehensive outline of skills to develop helps individuals set goals for improvement.

Reinforcement Skills

An outline of skills to reinforce tells a team member where his or her strengths lie and encourages further development.

Focus Competencies

A list of focus competencies provides areas of improvement for both the individual and for a team leader to use in training and team structuring.

Action Items

Action items outline a clear and concise process to convert suggested changes into detail-oriented tasks and objectives.

Get More from Your Forté

If you want to make the most of our reports and analyses, schedule a consultation session with us.

During your session, one of our communication coaches will walk you through the main points of the report and show you how to apply the results to daily activities in your schedule.

A comprehensive report for every area of communication