Forté Adapting Style Report

Use updates to track individual adaption patterns and learn more about how your teams works together.

How It Works

The Forté Adapting Style Report is the second step in a full-service suite focused on improved communication.

Using an individual’s profile and a 30-day period of activity with his or her team, this report generates updates on how each team member is utilizing strengths, stamina and goals to increase self-awareness as well as cognizance of environmental concerns. Each individual can also learn more about how he or she comes across to others and how it affects team performance. After providing the results, these updates can lay the foundation for new communication style strategies to apply and test.

Report Benefits

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Develop objective and goals
  • Encourage positivity
  • Immediate understanding and strategies to succeed
  • Timely and accurate

Who It Helps

Useful in all types of communication, the Forté Adapting Style Report can be applied to any member of a team, or to any individual wishing to improve his or her communication skills and professional or personal performance.

Tracking your progress and setting new goals is a never-ending process, and our report helps make the most of that by giving team leaders and individual members the tools and background to improve in and out of the office.

See exactly what you stand to gain with Forté.

“I’ve used Forté for a long time as part of my personal development and to increase the effectiveness of my team.

It is extremely accurate, insightful, easy to use, and the instant feedback is terrific … My team and I have developed hugely with the assistance of this tool and I highly recommend it.” − Tommy Geary

Senior VP Global Sales Operation in HPe

Inside the Report

With the Forté Adapting Style Report, you’ll have all the tools you need to keep learning and improving your team’s performance.

Profile Analysis

A current adapting profile analysis describes how you presently adapt to your environment based on your primary strengths.

Logic Style

A current logic style refers to how an individual makes decisions through reliance on facts and feelings.

Stamina Level

Your current stamina level is a measure of your motivation, and is key in developing and sustaining exceptional performance.

Goal Index

In conjunction with your stamina level, a current goals index reflects your level of satisfaction toward your accomplishments and helps foster resiliency.

Perceiver Profiles

Current perceiver profiles inform the individual how he or she is most likely projecting personality traits to others.

Communication Strategy

The Forté communication strategy coaches an individual the best method of adaptation and communicating internalized feelings.

Trending Graphs

Provided with all Forté measures – help encourage continual growth with current statistics.