Employee retention starts with great onboarding and solid recruiting.

“The Forté Communication Suite allowed us to have a base trend communication profile of the ideal candidate and we were able to very quickly narrow down who would be the perfect fit. Forté always worked and we knew how our teams were going to communicate and what each persons’ motivators were. It was very successful.”

Tim Crowe – CEO & Co-Founder at Pronov8 Technologies

Ramp up your Recruiting

We support hiring managers in identifying the communication strengths that are needed for success in the role and the team.

First, the hiring manager uses the Profile Model report to identify the successful behaviors required for the job. We then survey your top performers and determine their communication strengths. This gives us a base trend and the data displayed determines what good on the job looks like.

From here, short-listed candidates complete a Communication Style report. This provides the hiring manager with a comparative report of their strengths and communication style. 

You then match this to your top performers base trend. Accompanying experience and interview, it makes the recruitment procedure solid and secure. 

If you choose one of our plans, your dedicated Communication Coach becomes like an extended member of the team. Through the process they work in confidence with you to ensure you hire right first time. 

Optimize Onboarding

Onboarding is the extended support given to newly placed team members. It is about helping them successfully transition and integrate into their new roles and organizations. Beginning during the selection process, after acceptance, onboarding should continue for 6 to 12 months.

We help by ensuring your new hire is onboarded effectively, ensuring long term retention by creating a developmental communication strengths session. We focus on key relationships, culture, competency and behavioral expectations.

Using Forté Interaction Reports, helps the new hire build better relationships with new management and team members. We also provide monthly coaching sessions to assess how the new hire is adapting to their new environment.

Remedy Retention

Imagine being able to understand how your new hire will communicate, how they will interact, what motivates them, and how they adapt to their new work environment?

We give you just that.

The Forté Communication tool is unique in that every 30 days, new data is generated, which you can use to help your new hire adapt more effectivelyCrucially the data will indicate the level of satisfaction within the work place, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to nip problems in the bud.  

Your Communication Coach will work with you through the results and advise you on best practices and next steps ensuring a much higher success rate with your retention.

“The top reason people leave: a lack of opportunities for advancement (45%). The other biggest reasons people jumped included being unhappy with leadership (41%), being unhappy with the work environment (36%), and a desire for more challenging work (36%).”LinkedIn Talent Solutions

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