Read our story below and discover how the Forté Communication System was born.

What is the one common denominator that reduces efficiency, clarity, and progress in the workplace?

Pull everything back and you are always left with lack of effective communication between people.

Our story begins in the early ’70s. Our founder CD “Hoop” Morgan, started to really notice that communication or lack of was the primary factor for loss of productivity for businesses. He witnessed how most issues or problems could be solved with good communication. Yet, this was not being focused on by management. 

The fundamentals of all that is great, ever achieved has been attained through teamwork built on a collective, progressive communication process. So shouldn’t this be a priority?

A lightbulb moment: create a system for teams and management based on understanding and implementing excellent communication with each other.


The first step – Understand Communication.

Although communication is a group effort, each person is unique and so too is their style of how they communicate. This is very important. So many of us want others to act and communicate the way we do. This is not the case and never will be. Real progress is brought about by understanding and enhancing differences, such as motivation, conflict, expectations, and group dynamics. 

For over a decade Hoop reviewed over 200 communication instruments, based on his own and the works of Roget, Galton, Thurstone, Cattell, Guilford, Daniels, Eysenck, C.G. Jung, Allport and Odbert.

Combining the work of giants, he developed a cluster-sample technique that combines the Likert scale to be reflective of the primary and adapting communication style of a person. A discovery that demonstrates how the reaction to words or vocabulary of language coincides to personality traits and how we communicate.


The second step – test.

Hoop started field studies with this new system. Thousands of participants took part and the findings were astounding and revolutionary. It was solid. This new communication tool had an excess of over 90% validity and showed clear, scientific algorithms that defined a person’s individual communication style in minutes. The Forté tool was born. A device that could be used in the everyday place of work that was insightful, specific, scientifically validated and fast. A fast Forté following soon occurred.


The third step – merge with technology.

For the first 15 years Forté was a computerized process; never pen and paper. This facilitated the high level algorithms necessary to produce the high validity outcomes the system became famous for. At this time the internet was in its infancy, but Hoop understood the potential. His team set about creating a program that used the technique, dimensions, understanding and validity but could also be accessed easily and anytime. After many months, they achieved this.

The Forté online communication intelligence system was born. The first behavioral survey to be placed on the world wide web.

This allowed global teams to access and create their communication strategy from any location at lightning-fast speed.

Qualified communication coaches always accompanied the process, providing the help and guidance needed to really amplify and solidify a team’s communication strategy. 

What makes Forté different is not just the innovative team communication system but the unparalleled support our customers always receive.

Regardless of sector or industry, management can now understand the personal and interpersonal communication and behavior of their workforce and derive a team-based communication strategy to increase productivity. 

Our story has fast forwarded 40 years. In that time over 6000 businesses and 6 million people have used Forté to bring better communication, better collaboration and better results to their business and truly find their team’s voice. Our story has become part of theirs. 

The communication system identifies four main preferences of human communication: decision making, interpersonal interaction, pace and attention to detail. We enable people to discover who they are based on a preference of dominance/non-dominance, extroversion/ambiversion/introversion, patience/impatience, and conformity/non-conformity. It identifies over 250,000 dimensions via the primary, current, adapting, and perceiver profiles. Forté also provides a communication style strategy to be used over the next 30-day period to ensure clarity, unity and productivity in the team. 

It allows users to understand how each communication style adapts to its environment and to other people. It discovers what motivates, demotivates and incentivizes a person and how to communicate effectively as an individual and with others. 

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