Technical Professionals are the architects of a business.


Technical Professionals are specialists with a very specific skill set. They must know the everchanging IT sector and correlate it into the requirements of the organization’s unique objectives and goals. 

They build the systems used by the entire organization and communicate the how, when and why of using them.  

Technical professionals provide the foundation necessary for digital transformation within every sector and it is because of this fact that a communication strategy is imperative.

We provide an eight-part communication intelligence reporting tool system, communication strategy and unparrelled support, that you use to understand the different communication styles around the table. With our customized plans, we facilitate your needs and coach you and your team to communication excellence.

We help you with your role of acquiring great talent, technical planning, decision making, leading your IT team and creating a progressive culture.

Within the information technology industry, IT professionals make up 56 percent of all workersTech Careers

What is your CEO looking for?

The CEO of your organization is expecting as a Technical Professional that you are a true partner to the business. The expectation is that you will devise, deliver and communicate a transformative talent strategy to help the organization achieve its strategic goals. 

The Forté system is designed to help create open communication and enable everyone to contribute irrespective of their style. Forté generates team-based data, allowing you to strategize and communicate accordingly. 

See more on our Transforming Teams page.

Find and Develop Great Talent

For any organization to really work and grow, it requires great talent!

How do you know what great looks like?

Through Forté you will understand precisely how your top performers in every sector are communicating and adapting with their colleagues and customers. With our system, you can develop a profile model for any role, and use this for recruiting or coaching to continiously build resiliant, great teams. 

More information can be found on our Ramping up R-O-R page.

Driving a Culture of Excellence

As a Technical Professional, you take a leading role in the creation and strengthing of the culture in your organization.

Culture is typically defined as “the way we do things around here”. The C-Suite sets the tone and people follow from the top down, so the emphasis is therefore on how management and leaders communicate their culture.

By using our system, you will understand the cultural descriptors and actionable insights into your leadership team and across the organization.

See our Creating Culture page for more information. 

Enabling Learning and Development

The Forté Suite, being a collective learning style facilitator, allows you to bring communication style development to your greatest asset, your people. Activities that help in the growth and development of those employees will give an organization a much stronger advantage in employee retention. Forté has worked with over 6 million people, 6000 companies and obtained over 40 years of data. We know that there is a strong positive relationship between how much people learn on the job and how much they love their job.


“We are in hypergrowth stage and are using Forté to ensure that all team members are moving in the same direction. It is so important at the leadership level that a good example is set and this can be done through motivation and understanding.

Each person’s communication, strength, and motivation is different and using this system allows us to tap into, understand and use this knowledge to our advantage.

The reporting system is not a dictator, but a validator and the accuracy of the data is pretty highly accurate. I know me, but others don’t, which is why it is so powerful. What Forté has allowed us to do is work together, be transparent and communicate effectively. It brings about honest conversations that leads everyone to a certain level of accountability and ownership which is imperative for real growth in a company. It’s very easy to predetermine how you think a person should communicate, react and adapt but what Forté has taught me is that your initial frame of thought does not match what or how that person needs you to communicate with them for efficiency. Being able view each of my employees through the lens of their own unique data profile allows me to have much more fruitful conversations, understanding when to push and when to coach.

The model exceeded my expectations. It is so substantial and validated, whereas other tools are built on generalizing, Forté breaks down the data much more granular to an individual level. By using it proficiently and frequently it allows me to ensure that there not a lot of variances, keeping the communication, stamina and motivation of my team at where it needs to be.”

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