Setting L&D Leaders Up for Communication Success 


The role of the learning and development manager is to fundamentally assist in the organizations’ success, by providing innovative training and coaching programs for employees.

Our suite of individual and team coaching tools equip Learning and Development leaders like you with proven, valid and reliable communication reports and data.  

By certifying and supporting L&D Leaders, through a communication strategy in our transformative approach to human resource development allows you and your team to face and resolve any challanges you may face.

With our end to end organizational communication intelligence system, communication strategy and the unparalleled support, we help your team communicate effectively both internally and externally.

According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training. 

What is your CEO looking for?

The CEO of your organization is expecting as the Learning and Development Leader you are a true partner to the business. The expectation is that you will devise, deliver and communicate a transformative talent strategy to help the organization achieve its strategic goals. 

The Forté system is designed to help create open communication and enable everyone to contribute irrespective of their style. Forté generates team-based data, allowing you to strategize and communicate accordingly. 

See more on our Transforming Teams page.

Combining Digitalisation and Communication

With the rapid evolvement of digitalization within organizations, it is often forgotten that to implement changes and systems smoothly, you must adopt great human communication.  

The Forté system of reporting is designed to bring team communication effectiveness through validated personal data. This data is transferred quickly into reports on each person, allowing you to strategize accordingly to reach effective communication.

See The Science and Validity page for more information. 

Find and Develop Great Talent

For any organization to really work and grow, it is going to require great talent!

How do you know what great looks like?

Through Forté you will understand precisely how your top performers in every sector communicate with their colleagues and customers. With our system, you can develop a profile model for any role, and use this for recruiting to continiously build great teams. 

More information can be found on our Ramping up R-O-R page.

Driving a Culture of Excellence

As an L&D leader, you take a leading role in the creation and strengthing of the culture in your organization.

Culture is typically defined as “the way we do things around here”. The C-Suite set the tone and people follow from the top down, so the emphasis is therefore on how management and leaders to communicate that culture ensuring your organization gets it right.

By using our system, you will understand the cultural descriptors and actionable insights into your leadership team.

See our Creating Culture page for more information. 

Enabling Learning and Development

The Forté Suite, being a collective learning style facilitator, allows you to bring communication style development to your greatest asset, your employees.

Activities that help in the growth and development of those employees will give an organization a much higher advantage.

Forté has worked with over 6 million people, 6000 companies and obtained over 40 years of data. We know that there is a strong positive relationship between how much people learn on the job and how much they love their job. 

Amy Moran-Moberg Lead- Global Learning Solutions at Amgen

Before Forté, I didn’t know that I was missing anything. I had always been heavily reliant on very expensive and very time-consuming personality assessments that were not conducive to the working environments that I was in.

I have been using Forté for the past 6 years and it is now such a huge part of how I communicate in my working life. Those who use it, quickly see team trends, along with the communication health of an organization in great detail. You can act fast and strategize on the findings.

The consistent feedback I always get from those who use it is, “I can’t believe for the limited amount of time it takes for me to undertake the survey, that you get so much information and how spot on it is.”

We often live in the red, but Forté allows us to see the blue. It brings positive strategy, orientation and planning to how you communicate with customers and clients.

The cost of Forté is also something very important and the value it gives for the price you pay is second to none.

If you are looking for something that is very specifically related to building muscle around communication behaviours and intelligence, such as how people communicate with each other through verbal, writing, face to face or on the phone, this is the best thing I have ever seen in my 20 years in working in the OD, performance and leadership space.

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