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Certified Training Program

In our digitally transforming world, the focus on effective leadership development has intensified.

Formal training in classrooms is the least likely method to grow internal leaders.  The spotlight is changing more and more to experience, sponsorship and coaching.

HR / L&D / OD are being asked for effective, real time coaching interventions that deliver.  We at Forté have developed our certification training to give you the skills and the knowledge to utilize the basic building block of the entire Forté suite and a proven coaching tool, the Forté Communication Style Profile.

This Certification has been developed for:

  • Internal Coaches
  • HRD Professionals
  • Executive & Team Coaches
  • Professional Trainers and Facilitators
  • Leaders / Managers who need to understand and coach their staff

This program is ideal for YOU if you:

  • Are responsible in your organization for leadership development.
  • Want to develop further as an effective coach, leader and trainer.
  • Need a valid and reliable, easy to use and insightful communications tool to facilitate your coachees’ self-awareness.
  • Appreciate using coaching tools that are technologically reliable and advanced but quick and simple to use.
  • Are interested in completing a Certification that is a foundation for more advanced tools.

Certification Outcomes

Greater Knowledge Of:

  • A powerful behavioral strengths-based approach to effective coaching.
  • One of the most innovative coaching tools on the market and the first to become available online.
  • The Forté 6 Step process and use to professionalize your 1:1 coaching dialogue.
  • Your preferred Forté coaching style – learn how YOU influence others to act.
  • What works in tool based coaching – valuable tips from expert practitioners.
  • Essential coaching communication skills.
  • How to operate the Forté ® system to suit your needs.

Coach Equipped With:

  • A detailed 13 page report which includes primary, adapting and perceiver graphs, motivators, longitudinal data, personalized action plan and validation report for your coachee
  • Interaction reports with 5 pages of information on how to influence key relationships.
  • Process chart explaining in detail how to use Forté ® 6 step process.

Be Able to:

  • Expertly identify your coachees’ key communication strengths.
  • Get an instant handle on how effective your coachee is likely to be right now in their current work environment.
  • Maximize your time with your coachee with up to the minute insightful reports.
  • Get straight to the core of the communication challenges your coachee may be facing.
  • Develop a highly relevant, immediately actionable behavioral plan customized for your coachee.
  • Identify specific strategies for your coachee to improve their influence and achieve their goals.
  • Help your coachee identify ‘good fit’ projects, roles and relationships to achieve their goals.
  • Identify your coachee’s decision making style, stamina level and goals index.
  • Help your coachee develop the critical leadership capability of adaptability…to environment, person or team.
  • Measure and track your coachee’s behavioral adaptation over time.

Get More from Your Forté

If you want to make the most of our reports and analyses, schedule a consultation session with us.

During your session, one of our communication coaches will walk you through the main points of the report and show you how to apply the results to daily activities in your schedule.

A comprehensive report for every area of communication