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Amgen  –

Industry – Biotechnology

Employees – 19,000+ 

Amy Moran-Moberg – Lead Global Learning Solutions, Amgen

“Before Forté, I didn’t know that I was missing anything. I had always been heavily reliant on very expensive and very time-consuming personality assessments that were not conducive to the working environments that I was in. I have been using Forté for the past 6 years and it is now such a huge part of how I communicate in my working life. Those who use it, quickly see team trends, along with the communication health of an organisation in great detail. You can act fast and strategize on the findings. The consistent feedback I always get from those who use it is, “I can’t believe for the limited amount of time it takes for me to undertake the survey, that you get so much information and how spot on it is.” We often live in the red, but Forté allows us to see the blue. It brings positive strategy, orientation and planning to how you communicate with customers and clients. The cost of Forté is also something very important and the value it gives for the price you pay is second to none. If you are looking for something that is very specifically related to building muscle around communication behaviours and intelligence, such as how people communicate with each other through verbal, writing, face to face or on the phone, this is the best thing I have ever seen in my 20 years in working in the OD, performance and leadership space.”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise –

Industry – Enterprise Information Technology

Employees – 60,000+ 

Tommy Geary – Senior Vice President, Global Sales Operations at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“My journey with Forté began over 15 years ago when I was a director in Dell. My focus at the time was on building a high performing team and although we were using other tools and workshops to try to achieve this, we were still operating as individuals and some people more engaged than others. I found that there was no real appreciation of different styles and needs of other team members, so I wanted to find a quick, efficient communication tool that remedied this.   Initially, we didn’t know what to expect but very quickly the Forté system became our regular team builder. It allowed us to come together as a group more, get to know each other better, develop as a high performing team and gain insights into individual development. We were able to work and deliver as a team more efficiently than ever before.   Since then, Forté has stayed with me and my different team members. It’s phenomenal. By aligning facilitation and coaching, it gives so much value on a multi-year journey of improvement.  Not a snapshot or day workshop, it gives the full picture of insights into yourself and each other. It’s dynamic and truthful and is the biggest team building differentiator versus anything else I’ve seen or used.” 

Persol Kelly –

Industry – Joint venture between PERSOL Holdings and Kelly Services – Recruitment of Asia Pacific Market

Employees – 7,000+ 

Anthony Raja Devadoss, Managing Director & Regional Head, Asia – Pecific

“Before using Forté, we never had any tools that had a predictive analysis and it changed how we conducted our work. It enhances the outcomes and value-add of training programs that we conduct, especially for management and leadership levels. The insights from Forte allows our clients to understand themselves better and to collaborate better with those in their workplace. The report also gives us an avenue to create training based on the talent’s needs and their motivators. Our clients’ impression of Forté is that it is easy to do, fast and very reflective of who they are. More importantly, the insight provided by Forte is not judgmental. Rather, it focuses on identifying talent’s strengths and how to continuously work with their strengths to engage others and produce higher productivity. The predictive analytics on the other hand presents a great indicator to our clients on how to reposition and strategize their communication and working styles. The layout of the report is well structured, self-explanatory and it also has a good tool included for coaches and individuals to formalize action plans. Overall, our clients are happy with Forte in driving productivity and engagement. The survey is short and simple to understand, the report provides good insights about individuals’ core strengths and the Forte system can track and monitor how individuals have been adapting and perceived over an indefinite time.

LeaseAccelerator –

Industry – Enterprise Lease Accounting Software

Employees – 150+ 

Sam Weber, Director of Learning and Development, LeaseAccelerator

We are in hypergrowth stage and are using Forté to ensure that all team members are moving in the same direction. It is so important at the leadership level that a good example is set and this can be done through motivation and understanding. Each person’s communication, strength, and motivation is different and using this system allows us to tap into, understand and use this knowledge to our advantage. The reporting system is not a dictator, but a validator and the accuracy of the data is pretty highly accurate. I know me, but others don’t, which is why it is so powerful. What Forté has allowed us to do is work together, be transparent and communicate effectively. It brings about honest conversations that leads everyone to a certain level of accountability and ownership which is imperative for real growth in a company. It’s very easy to predetermine how you think a person should communicate, react and adapt but what Forté has taught me is that your initial frame of thought does not match what or how that person needs you to communicate with them for efficiency. Being able view each of my employees through the lens of their own unique data profile allows me to have much more fruitful conversations, understanding when to push and when to coach. The model exceeded my expectations. It is so substantial and validated, whereas other tools are built on generalizing, Forté breaks down the data much more granular to an individual level. By using it proficiently and frequently it allows me to ensure that there not a lot of variances, keeping the communication, stamina and motivation of my team at where it needs to be.

Pronov8 –

Industry – Business Process Optimisation

Employees – 10+ 

Tim Crowe – CEO & Co-Founder at Pronov8 Technologies.

I first used Forté when I was Global Process Engineering Director with Dell.  Amongst some of my responsibilities was having to recruit talent across the different sectors. It was absolutely crucial for growth and profits that I put the best possible person in the correct role. Before using Forté, qualifications, experience, interviewing and references were the only methods to aid my hiring decision, but I wanted something more. I wanted precision along with data and the Forté system game me just that. It allowed my team to create a profile of the ideal candidate from our top performers, and we were able to very quickly narrow down who would be the perfect fit. Forté always worked.  This system allowed us to have the data to ensure we had the right person in the right place, make our teams communicate effectively and with each new hire, the data on what motivated them, resulting in serious growth. It was very, very successful.  I have since become CEO of Pronov8 Technologies, and Forté is now equally pertinent to our internal communication and recruitment. I highly recommend that if you want to discover how each person is going to react and communicate with others, use the Forté system.  Tim Crowe – CEO & Co-Founder at Pronov8 Technologies.

Independent Training Consultant –

Industry – Training, development, coaching and teaching

Employees – 1

Terry Clark – Independent Training Consultant

“I have used Forté “over a thousand times” with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies, different types of government, military to small SME’s. To give you an example of how amazing this system is, when I was with Ply Gem Industries whom are North America’s leading manufacturer of  building materials, I frequently used The Forté system for the recruiting process and coaching. I brought it in as we needed to start recruiting and communicating in a very successful manner. It allowed us to profile the bottom third and the top performers (top 4%). From this we gathered a very solid trend line profile. Once identified, we began recruiting. We found that when the Forté profile along with their background, product knowledge, and communication skills, all aligned, we were more successful with getting that person into the selling mode than other groups. I highly recommend this system. It’s a game-changer.” 

Actavo –

Industry – Engineering

Employees – 1000+

Thomas Jenkinson- Divisional Operations Director

“I use Forté to help me better select candidates for field based roles which enables us to retain recruits for longer. The process involves profiling control groups of good performers and poor performers to achieve a base line of both. There are clear, significant differences! From this understanding we make informed decisions when selecting new employees and this has a real impact on our retention numbers. With the support and guidance of the Forté coaches a hiring guide and training program is created for managers to learn what to look for and implement with recruitment, on-boarding and retention. What was surpirsing and welcome was through the Forté R-O-R, we learned that there were clear differences between the field based role versus the team manager’s role. Traditionally we would go straight to the high performing field-based employees when filling a team manager role. This did not always work out well but with Forté, we can now profile our top management, find a base trend and apply this for succession building. It’s not the silver bullet, but was certainly a nugget of gold for our recruitment, on-boarding and retention processes”.

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