Finance Department

The strength of any organization is determined by the finance department. Having influential communication skills in this number-intensive discipline is fundamental. With effective verbal, non-verbal and interpersonal communication skills, you and your team will be able to powerfully portray how the corporate goals and overall mission are being met. 

We provide an eight-part communication intelligence reporting tool system and communication strategy that you use to understand the different communication styles around the table. With our customized plans, we facilitate your needs and coach you and your team to communication excellence. 

The Forté tool is a validator. It is designed to to help you and others understand the “who you are”“how you feel others expect you to act in your different environments”and “how you are most likely to be coming across to others”

By understanding and continuously learning with this tool, the finance department team is going to vastly improve the knowledge you have of your own communication style strengths and also of those around you. 

“What makes the system so unique is that it does not focus on the weakness of a person, instead, the base and core of Forté is evolution. It teaches how to adapt in a positive, meaningful manner and to truly achieve, a person must be able to adapt to their environment.”


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We understand that as management, having your team aligned is fundamental to success.

By using our system, your team members will not only understand their own strengths and competencies better, but you will be able to align these to the organizations’ strategy and goals. Our system focuses on SMART Goals through;

  • Detail Strategy
  • Pace Strategy
  • Decision Strategy
  • People Strategy
  • Obstacles to Overcome
  • Personal Goals
  • Business Goals
  • Self Improvement Goals
  • Resiliency Trending

Chief Financial Officer

We helps you with an eight-part communication intelligence reporting tool system, communication strategy and unparalleled support. With our help and support your team is going to flourish.

Finance Leaders

We help finance leaders gain clear and understanding communication. Start acquiring great talent, strategizing with the board, leading your finance team and creating a progressive culture through our interpersonal communication strategy. 

Financial Controllers

We provide a communication strategy aligned to your day-to-day operations in the finance department. This helps maximize your departments’ value and enhance every member of your team. 



No problem, take a look at our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question or the answer you are looking for, just get in contact with us. We are more than happy to answer and help.

What are the payments and plans available?

We provide customised plans and payments because we know that all teams are different. The needs of an independent contractor is different to that of a enterprise manager. We first speak with you about your needs and cater a plan to give you the best value.

What if I have used up all of my monthly or annual units on my plan?

Additional units per month or per annum are charged at the single price per unit (PPU) for that plan.

I have a Communication Coach with my plan, what does this mean?

The dedicated Communication Coach is typically a HR / L&D / OD / Coach credentialled individual –  much more than “customer support”. They will provide data analysis on usage reports, database, mining and AI offerings. Also advising and coaching on communication challenges, they will enable you to get the most out of your investment. They become another member of the team! Unused meetings will not be carried over, so you must be available for your monthly slot.

Our certified member has left the company?

This happens and don’t worry. We will recertify a chosen person for free (based on your plan) and make sure that your organization is always up and running with Forté.

Tell me more about the Certification Refreshers?

We know that for certification to really make an impact, refreshing your learning is going to really increase your communication understanding. These are run biannually, live online via 4 x 30-minute webinars. Don’t worry if you can’t attend though, we will send you the recording and make sure you are refreshed and ready to go. 

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, a 10% discount is applied to all plans if the fee is paid up front.

I haven't used all the units in my plan?

Don’t worry, any unused units will carry over with each contract renewal.  

Does everyone on the plan get certified?

When choosing a plan, certification is only given to the person/people who will coach the team. Through this, they will understand the system and dashboard thoroughly. From this new gained knowledge base, they then use and coach the Forté system and effective communication to their team.  

What are the Quarterly Communication Workshops?

These are 3 hour live quarterly workshops that we hold to make sure you and your team are constantly learning. They include a recording link (in case you can’t make it) and include in demand communication topics, self-awareness, conflict management, motivation and career planning.  

I just want to be certified in Forté

If you don’t want a plan and to just be certified, we can accomodate. Just speak to one of our team and we will let you know the next course date coming up.

How long does certification take?

We understand that you lead a busy life, which is why we made our certification online. It is scheduled over a 3 day period and broken down into a 3 module process. 

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