Assess Your Organization's Culture

What is Your Company’s Culture?

“Research shows that 86 percent of business leaders rate “culture” as one of the more urgent talent issues, yet only 14 percent understand what the “right culture” really is. The problem is not one of “talking about culture”; for 2017, it is time to carefully define your culture, measure it, and find where and how it may be misaligned.” Bersin by Deloitte, 2017

Culture is typically defined as ‘the way we do things around here.’ Employees understand ‘how we do things around here’ by, amongst other things, reading the behaviors of those more senior to them e.g. who and what gets rewarded, how decisions are made, how conflict and disagreements are handled and how open is the discussion in meetings.

Culture, due to its intangibility, is notoriously hard to quantify and measure – yet every organization has one and you can feel it almost the minute you walk in the door.  Leaders understand, more and more, that their role in consciously creating a culture that aligns to business strategy is now crucial to overall performance.

How aware is your leadership team of the communication culture they have created? How well do they understand how it profoundly affects the way in which employees interpret what is expected of them?

At Forté, using a simple communication style survey of employees, we generate an organizational report that gives cultural descriptors and actionable insights to your leadership team, which shares with them:

  • The communication style diversity that exists in the organization;
  • The communication styles that dominate the culture and that employees try to adapt to, including how to approach decision making, how best to interact with others, the expected pace of communication, and the level of attention to detail in that communication;
  • The communication gaps that exist between the cultural expectations and how people are most likely coming across in work;
  • The degree to which employees are feeling responsive within the work environment,
  • How clear and satisfied they are on the goals.

Armed with this communication intelligence on your organizational cultural communication markers, we will recommend and deliver a leadership workshop on how to consciously create a positive culture for your employees.

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