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Forté Communication Style Reports for Coaches and Trainers

As a coach or trainer, you know the importance of reinforcing learning and how, without it, actual results are less than what was expected.

Elements of the Forté suite include the Forté Communication Style Benchmark Report, ongoing Forté Communication Style Adapting Updates, Forté Interaction Reports, Forté Team Pulse Reports, Forté Communicating to Hire Surveys/Reports, The Forté i360 Multi-Rater Survey, Forté Performance Coaching Reports and the Forté Resiliency Measures. Unique to the Forté process is the ability to generate Forté Adapting Updates as often as every 30 days for each individual or for any environment with an updated Communication Styles Strategy to encourage progression on both levels.

Forté provides 38 Master Communication Style Patterns, and more than 288 different pattern intensities measuring individual personalities, how each is currently adapting his or her strengths, and how each is most likely coming across to others. The gap between the current adapting pattern and current perceiver pattern reveals the potential for misunderstanding. The Communication Style Strategy in turn offers focused ways to close those gaps and foster better team interactions.

Using Forté as a benchmark of where an individual or team is at the beginning of a coaching or training assignment, the Forté Adapting Update Trends then measure progress and opportunities for timely course corrections to keep communications on point and adaptation results higher.

You can also complete your own Forté Communication Style Report. The questionnaire will take you less than 8 minutes and you’ll have your results immediately.

Certification in the Forté suite is available both online and in the classroom. Contact Forté at 910-452-5152 or ClientServices@theForté

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