Our Story – The Forté Communication Suite

Our Story

Like all great ideas, the Forté Communication Suite was born from seeking a solution.


In the early ’70s, CD “Hoop” Morgan saw that lack of communication effectiveness between people in the workplace was having a negative consequence for organizations and their revenue.

Hoop thought there must be a single scientific, valid and reliable measurement that would allow managers to understand how their team is individually communicating and adapting to the work environment?

After a considerable amount of research, he discovered that the only measurements available were normed on government, military, and criminal populations. This surprised him as Hoop understood that communication was an individual, unique process, very much like a musical instrument. Each has the capability of a beautiful sound but without guidance, practice, and training they can come across as misunderstood noise.  

Creating a specific, scientifically validated communication instrument, normed against a highly diverse population, that was insightful, fast and valid became his goal. He wanted to allow the orchestra of any workforce to become a symphony.


Over the next 10 years, Hoop reviewed over 200 instruments, based on his own and the works of ThurstoneCattellGuilfordDanielsEysenckC.G. Jung and Horst Galton. What developed was a cluster-sample technique that combines the Likert scale to be reflective of the primary and adapting communication style of a person.

From conducted studies of thousands of participants, solid, scientific algorithms were now defining a person’s individual communication style in minutes. This data solidified an understanding of the personal and interpersonal communication and behavior of a person.

The communication system quantified four main styles of human communication – dominance, extroversion, patience, and conformity and identified over 250,000 dimensions via the primary, current, adapting and perceiver profiles.

This revolutionary system allowed users to understand how each communication style adapts to its environment and other people. It discovered what motivates, demotivates and incentivizes a person and how to communicate effectively as an individual and with others.

Simple to use and scientifically validated, management could finally understand exactly how each person on their team communicates.

“Forté combines science, communication, and technology into a mechanism that every person regardless of the industry can use to enhance their working lives.” – CD “Hoop” Morgan

Fast forward 40 years, and over 6000 businesses and 6 million people have used the Forté Suite to bring organizational communication effectiveness to their business and truly find their team’s voice.


Why not find your own communication style with our Forté Communication Profile Report? Taking less than 8 minutes to complete, it will give you an insight into your communication style and strengths.

What Does It All Mean?

Are you curious about how the Forte profile works? We have made it easy for you to understand by giving a full break down on the report! Want to learn more? Click here and read our page by page review of what it all means in your Communication Style Report.