Forte Communication Team Pulse Report

Forté Team Pulse Report
The unique and innovative Forté Team Pulse Report is designed to help individuals best understand how they fit, are adapting and how to achieve successfully with their teammates.

Quickly, the team leader and team members see exactly which strengths and behaviors get the job done most efficiently. Misunderstanding is significantly reduced, and appreciation for how team members can best adapt and balance with one another is clear.

The Report Contains:
  • Individual strengths, shared together, that provide a composite look into the primary strengths of the team.
  • The current adapting styles for each team member that combine to indi-cate how the team is adapting to their environment over the most recent 30 days.
  • The current perceiver patterns share with the team and leadership how the team is most likely coming across to others, now, and for the next 30 days.
  • Graphics that share the individual team member strength intensities as a measure of how each member relates to each other’s strengths.
  • A composite graph that shares team strengths, including the team’s current logic style, current stamina level, current goals index and a measurement of team resiliency.
Business Benefits
  • How your team is doing today is one thing. How you build that team to the next level is another. The Forté Team Pulse Report can be updated as often as every 30 days, so leadership stays in touch and on top of evolving team needs, effectiveness and trends.
  • Leadership learns quickly the behaviors of exceptional performers.
  • Team members respond positively when they understand those behaviors, as well.
  • The message becomes clear. It is not so much who you are, but how you adapt to others and situations that makes not only the individual successful, but the team successful, too.
  • As team members come, grow or go, leadership easily updates their Team Pulse Reports to quickly understand the dynamics of their “new” team. There is also high-value sharing this with the “new team” so they also ap-preciate the dynamic that has occurred.
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Client Testimonial
quoteThe team builder report has been particularly valuable for understanding the culture of an organization and the impact of that culture on communication. I was working with a small group in a large organization that provides real estate services. Even though the primary profiles varied among the group, the adapting profiles across the team showed that the group felt the need to be highly dominant and impatient in their dealings with their customers. For many, this created stress as they worked against their primary profiles. This realization helped the team understand why they felt discomfort and prompted discussion to create more effective ways to deal with customer pressures.quote-Vincent C Racioppo, Ph.D., President, Center for Expert Performance, Inc.

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