Forte Communication Resiliency Report

Forté Resiliency Zone
The Forté Communication Style Report measures an individual’s communication style, and how they are currently adapting and being perceived, providing evidence-based measures of resiliency that individuals and organizations utilize to understand and maximize long-term performance.

You can recall those times, say mid-afternoon, when you were ready to call it a day, and those times you remained highly motivated and focused to achieve your goals well into the evening. What was different about those times? The Forté Resiliency Process answers that question!

The Report Contains:
A detailed Forté report of each person, outlining their main strengths, motivators, goals, stamina and logic indices.

For over 30 years, Forté has studied individuals and teams that have demonstrated a consistent ability to bounce back from adversity. With Forté, you can help your teams and individuals utilize the adapting and coaching strategies that support and drive resiliency. Forté measures individual progress as often as every 30 days, with the target to maintain the highest levels of the Forté Stamina and the Forté Goals Index. When these measures are being met, the behaviours that drive them are reinforced. If they are not, then—typically—reprioritization is in order.

Benefits for the individual:
Pages 12 and 13 of the Forté Communication Style Adapting Report present graphics, as often as every 30 days, that show how one’s stamina and goals index are trending over time. The target is high/very high stamina and most/meeting goals. This correlation represents the Forté Resiliency Zone.

Benefits For the Leader:
The Forté Resiliency Process produces a master report for leadership that shares the behaviors, collectively, of resilient top performers and a master report reflecting individuals and teams where the Resiliency Index is dropping.

Business Benefits
Organizations are now expected to not only do more with less, but also do it faster and better than ever before. Utilizing the Forté Resiliency measures helps the individual, the team and the organization achieve goals with significantly less wear and tear. The measures also keep leadership ahead of the curve by reinforcing successful behaviors that drive higher levels of motivation across-the-board. To lead people, you must know who they are. With the Forté Resiliency process you learn that, and you learn the drivers behind exceptional performance and achieve sustainable growth and success over the long-term.
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Client Testimonial
quoteI'm a big fan of Forté as a team development tool. One of the elements I use regularly is the trending on the team member's Resiliency over time. It is a great indicator of how people are feeling in their work, whether that is energised, overloaded or lacking direction. With this feedback it is easy to have a discussion and identify opportunities to address issues or leverage positives.quote-Noel O'Mahony, Head of Group Strategy & Development @ CRH Ireland

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