Forte i360 Review Report

Forté i360 Report
The Forté i360 is a process in which a person receives both quantitative and qualitative performance feedback. The people who provide feedback are called raters and can include direct reports, peers, internal or external customers and the person’s leader.

The i360 is used to develop competencies for each person in an organization. You can use our default 8-competencies or modify to fit your own needs. The report is completely customizable.

The Report Contains:
  • Competency Profile radar charts that depict how a person rates themselves against specific competencies, versus how others rate them. This is useful in easily spotting gaps in their own perception and the perceptions of others.
  • Highly detail analysis and a clear, concise process to put suggestions into actions!
  • Executive summary and a full detailed report of the results from each rater including the manager.
  • Outline of Skills to Reinforce.
  • Outline of Skills to Develop.
  • List of Focus Competencies to develop.
  • A clear, concise process to put suggestions into actions!
Business Benefits
  • Because 360 results capitalize on multiple perspectives they are considered to be highly credible and useful performance feedback. Research shows that because managers recognize the feedback is fair, balanced and based on the actual work place, the data has high face validity and is accepted more easily.
  • Uniquely, the Forté i360 focuses on Strengths therefore is more positively received and encouraging of effective improvement.
  • HR managers believe that the most effective means of addressing staff retention is to improve the people management skills of line managers *
  • Improved manager performance will result in an improved overall performance of your organization by meeting and exceeding those key indicators that make the difference between average and outstanding managers and their teams.
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Client Testimonial

quoteThe Forté i360 helped our managers and employees focus on key leadership strengths and provided a roadmap to help them manage their weaknesses. The detailed report was insightful and was the catalyst for positive behavior change. The Forté support team was second-to-none and I was highly impresed with their response time. I would highly recommend the i360 to any organization looking to get a return on its investment in human capital.quote-Michael O'Hora, HRVP (Interim) at Recall Corp

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