Forte Communication Style Report

Forté Communications Style Profile
The Forté Communication Style Report gives each person a detailed report of “who” they are, how they are currently adapting to their environment and how they are most likely coming across to others. Forté measures communication strengths which reflect; Decision Making Style, People Focus, Pace and System/Detail Focus. It provides a full description of each person’s primary strength, secondary strength and two sub-strengths.

The Report Contains:
  • Leadership Style. Forté identifies each person’s leadership style and their preferred way of accomplishing goals and influencing others.
  • Sensitive areas Forté helps us recognize signs of frustration, to help defuse them proactively.
  • Potential Reactions. By understanding in advance our potential reactions to sensitivities, we help ourselves and others avoid non-productive reactions.
  • Self-Motivators and Demotivators. Forté shares a comprehensive list of the factors that most motivate and de-motivate us.
  • Current Adapting Profile. This describes how each person is adapting to their most recent 30-day environment. Forté tracks this over time.
  • Current Perceiver Profile. This lets each person know how they are most likely coming across to others now and, most likely, for the next 30 days.
  • Current Logic Style. This is an important element of the on-going decision making process.
  • Current Stamina Level. Your stamina level is a measure of how “Up for it” you are feeling. This is a key factor in the development and maintenance of high levels of productivity/resiliency.
  • Current Goals Index. Identifies a per-sons level of satisfaction toward goals accomplishment in the current envi-ronment.
  • Resiliency. The stamina and goals indi-ces, together, are used to identify and trend the “drivers” of exceptional per-formance and resiliency.
  • Trending Graphs. Forté is not a once-then-done process, and becomes a life-time coach for successful personal and professional development.
  • The Forté Communication Style Strategy. This crisp, to the point strategy, coaches the person on how best to communicate their thoughts and feelings, over the next 30-days, in a very targeted and influential way.
Business Benefits
  • The level of self-awareness achieved gives people a significant head start in improving their interpersonal skills and strengthening their overall performance.
  • The report focuses on a person’s strengths thereby encouraging positivity.
  • The report is effective and useful in everyday communications—it encourages the development of real-life objectives and goals.
  • Improved Business Performance The majority of individuals that have used Forté believe it to be highly accurate and useful. They also believe that it has resulted in immediate improved work performance.
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Client Testimonial

quoteForté is a great tool to engage individuals and teams in reaching a deeper level of understanding of their own interpersonal style strengths. It is one of the very best tools in the marketplace due to its uncanny ability to capture the ongoing fluctuations in leaders' behavior. We have utilized Forté with executives down through first line employees and have received rave reviews regarding the accuracy and usefulness. It continues to be at the top of our list for the last 15+ years!quote-Kim Ramsey, President, The Executive Edge, Inc.

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