Forte Adapting Communication Style Report

Forté Adapting Style Report
The Forté Adapting Update Report identifies how an individual has been adapting to their environment over the past 30-day period.

Forté also has the ability to longitudinally track/graph how an individual or team is adapting to a specific environment, specific individual, or both.

Forté updates the individual on how they are adapting their strengths, current logic style, current stamina level and current goals index. With each adapting update, they also learn how they are most likely coming across to others now and for the next 30 days. From this update a new communication style strategy is presented to use for the next 30 day period.

The Report Contains:
  • Current adapting profile analysis. This describes how the respondent is adapting from their primary strengths to their current environment.
  • Current logic style. How the individual is currently making decisions, through reliance on levels of facts or feelings.
  • Current stamina level. Your stamina level is a measure of how “for it” you are currently feeling. This is a key factor in the development and maintenance of exceptional performance.
  • Current goals index. How you feel about achievement of current goals, or your level of satisfaction toward accomplishment in the current environment. The stamina and goals indices together help understand and develop resiliency.
  • Current perceiver profile. This lets the respondent know how they are “most likely” coming across to others now and, typically, for the next 30 days.
  • The Forté communication strategy. This crisp, to-the-point strategy coaches the respondent on how to best adapt and communicate internalized feelings that may not be coming across to others as intended in the present timeframe.
  • Trending Graphs. These are provided for all Forté measures, meaning that Forté is not a once- then-done report. Forté develops and grows with the individual and can become a lifetime coach for successful personal, family and career development.
Business Benefits
  • Increased self-awareness and awareness of the evolving environment. The report focuses on a person’s strengths thereby encouraging positivity.
  • Provides people with immediate understanding and strategies to succeed right here/right now!
  • Effective and useful in everyday communications – Forté supports the development of real-life objectives and goals.
  • The questionnaire is online and just takes minutes to complete.
  • It works! Over 80% of the individuals that have used Forté believe it to be highly accurate and believe that it has resulted in improved results*
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Client Testimonial
quoteI've used Forté for a long time as part of my personal development and to increase the effectiveness of my team. It is extremely accurate, insightful, easy to use and the instant feedback is terrific. Its dynamism in picking up month on month changes is unique and invaluable. Forté has enabled me to 'nip' small issues in the bud while also measuring progress against key items I'm trying to improve. My team and I have developed hugely with the assistance of this tool and I highly recomment it. quote-Tommy Geary, Director, Customer Mgmt & Operations @ Eircom (Singapore Tech Telemedia) Ireland

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