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What are your strengths? Forté was the first computerized Strengths – Based Communication Style Report, beginning in 1978 and today provides the Forté Communication Style Profile on a global basis.

It all starts with you, then can be utilized in the work environment, home environment, important relationships both at work and home with the emphasis how to maximize our understandings of one another and balance/adapt in ways that are most effective.

Over 6 million individuals have taken advantage of the Forté Knowledge Base and if you like, it will take just 8 minutes of your time to learn your Forté Strengths.

Just click on the link below, you will complete two short surveys and you will have your results immediately.

If you like what you see, and would like to know more, we would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions and offer suggestions based on over 30 years’ experience helping others maximize their potential and create relationships that continue to grow and prosper.

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Client Testimonial
quoteAs a 25 year user of the Forté Institute's products, I have been on the ground floor of nearly all the value added products you have brought out over the years. The most significant contribution to our executive mission, specifically in sales has been the Top Performance Profile Model. This tool has enabled us to substantially "raise the bar" in our sales recruiting, backed up with a coaching benchmark for existing sales persons needing help in taking their sales to the next level.quote-Terry Clark, Director of Sales and Training, Ply Gem Windows