The FORTÉ® Process 

FORTÉ® provides online communication style reports to over 6,000 corporate clients throughout the globe.

FORTÉ® tools help organizations to recruit and retain the right people, to develop people to improve their communication skills, to improve individual & team performance, to minimize conflict and to build resiliency.

The Forté report is a robust, highly accurate communication style report, used globally for over 30-years for personal development at all levels and sizes of organizations. It shares the "who" you are, increasing self-awareness, how you are currently adapting to your environment and how you are "most likely" coming across to others. Based on this profile it then gives you a communications strategy that will strengthen workplace communication and performance.

80% of our clients feel that their work performance immediately improved following their FORTÉ session.-Forté Client Survey 2010

FORTÉ® is not a once-then-done test. FORTÉ adapts and grows with your people and can become a lifelong coach.

How can FORTÉ® help you? 
    I am a Coach/Trainer
Equipping you with tools to help you give your clients even more.
    I am a Corporate HR Professional
Providing innovative tools, training and consulting to Corporate HR/L&D.
    I am a Leader/People Manager
Forté is helping thousands of managers & leaders in organizations every year.
    I am an Interested Individual
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Latest News

Communicating to Hire

  Last year Derek Thompson wrote a brief article for The Atlantic titled: WHY IS IT SO HARD TO HIRE GREAT PEOPLE?   Anyone who has owned a business, run a business, hired for a position, or worked inside a company has likely wondered the same thing.   The article concludes that: “People are complicated, organizations

Leading Through Listening

  Why hire talented people and not fully utilize them?   Can we fully utilize the people we hire if we’re not listening to them?   Listening is an important leadership responsibility that rarely appears in the job description.  Yet the higher up the corporate ladder, the more critical listening well becomes.   In fact, executives

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